Who is Materiall?

The easiest way to find furniture you love.

How Do You Differentiate From Your Competition?

“We offer an algorithm driven visual search that learns your style preferences over time, and can offer better suggestions the more you use the app. 

- Jay Park, VP of Engineering


I co-led a team of 3 designers to develop scope and execute the project. I also acted as primary client contact and facilitated bi-weekly client meetings and internal scrums. 


The Materiall executive team needed a complete mobile re-design to improve the user flows of existing screens. They came to us with a request for a quick turnaround of their new mobile experience. 

Meet the Team

Materiall Team.png

Project Overview

While the primary ask was for a new mobile user flow design, we quickly uncovered another pressing challenge: a lack of clarity and definition around the target audience of "furniture shoppers", which encompassed people of all age ranges. 

To tackle these challenges we conducted two sprints: a customer development cycle in order to understand the main target audience, and then a mobile design sprint to create a platform for the shopping experience.

Using the learnings from the research phase, we designed a full mobile application which the VP of engineering and team is currently implementing.

Materiall Persona 1.png

The Process

We ran a research to surface the best ideas, then rapidly prototype and validate through testing. We engaged the CEOs, and Vice president of the engineer team throughout the entire process.

  1. Unpack: Based on our customer research of conducting interviews of over 30 people and our competitive and comparative analysis, we focused on the problem of the cumbersome nature of content creation and the easiest possible user flow of the design assistant became the ultimate goal.
  2. Sketch: During our first session of 3 hours with the exec team we rapidly sketched out many possible user flows. We came up with 4 unique solutions. 
  3. Decide: After a vote on the solutions, three emerged as clear frontrunners. 
  4. Prototype: We collaborated and created two distinct high fidelity prototypes. 
  5. Test: We user tested the prototype and found one solution to be the clear winner. 


Conducting Research on their existing app

Materiall App as is now.png
Materiall Competitive Analysis.png
Materiall Business needs.png

Customer Research and Interviews

Materiall User Quotes.png

Persona Development


Materiall Persona 1.png

Test, Test, and more testing.

Materiall Usability Results.png

Design iterations

We came from sketch, to wireframes, to high fidelity and several iterations of each. Testing at each sprint. while continuing to follow their brand and style guide lines.

Materiall Design Iterations.png

The Results

Our Client, and class voted us best in class for this project!

"Many designers work on tons of projects that get scrapped or shelved before consumers ever see them, but you all can already say that you have your designs in the App Store." - VP of Engineering at Materiall