Made with Soul.

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It's the perfect free stock image site for poc to find the perfect stock image that allows you to save time on that perfect beautiful image as well leave inspired! 


When looking for those free beautiful stock images of poc or minorites do you ever find yourself digging and searching for what seems like forever and finding few to no pictures? That's where Made with Soul comes in to save the day! 

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Research and Discovery 

When initailly in the design of this web experiance I started by collecting existing features that users like about these products and trying to take it to another level, save users time. I began researching and conducting interviews with users to collect their pain points.

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Traveling with the Users

As the interviews with the users progressed I realized each person had common if not the same themes represented throughout each pain point

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The Beginning. Not the End

Thus some iterations were discovered! This project though very fun and energizing is still in the beginning/ develpmental stages. Come back to the final project once it's launch!

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