We are all very familiar with the dilemma of the Georgia Department of Driving Services and everything they encompass. Simple things such as renewing and editing your license are turned into difficult and lengthy tacks, so when approached with a redesign, users had to be the first approach, and in each and every deign.



An accessible, usable app with no wait time or confusion. Simple solutions done effortlessly with the tap of your fingers

Research & Discovery

When initially engaged in the redesign of a small experience at the DDS. I started by collecting existing in-person features and taking it to another level, mobile. I began researching and conducting interviews with users to collect their pain points.


Traveling with the Users

As the interviews with the users progressed with each user, I realized each person had common- if not the same- themes repeated throughout each pain point.


Concept Development:

Traveling with the Users

After the initial research was conducted, it was off to the beginning stages of sketches and wireframes, that then developed into higher fidelity wireframes and prototyping. At each step , designing, testing, and validating. That also meant  restarting and revisting the process again.



After every sprint I made sure to validate my ideas, wireframes, and sketches with real users. With many stages I had to go to the drawing board and try again. Especially with the home dash board screen. These are just three out of the many screens and iterations of the home screens. which ultimately none of these ended up being the final design.

DDS Homescreens (no words).png


A Beautifully simple design that makes services surrounding renewing your license, editing your license, making an appointment with status wait time, and making sure you'll never miss a ticket or court date again, easier.