Anthropologie Microsite

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Project Overview

As an e-commerce design and information architecture exercise, I designed Anthropolgie's lamp microsite. The goal of this project was to produce a medium fidelity, clickable prototype around an online shopping experience. The design needed to be tailored to the needs of the users, the goals of the business, and the goals of the brand.  I worked with the information architecture and interface design to produce a site that is easily navigated by the user and conveys the brand image.

I found that Anthropologie currently doesn’t have their lamps for sale in their stores, so a microsite would be a great way to boost revenue for those items. They also want the microsite to have new, related, and popular products displayed and to retain the Anthropologie brand and in-store experience. 

Anthropologie is a company committed to the people, not just products. Their customers care about what is brought into their homes, who made it, and how. Anthropologie strives to have unique products available to their customers whenever possible. I kept this in mind when choosing over a 100 of their products to feature on my microsite.

And the process begins

User Persona

Anthro Personas.png


" It's not whether I can afford it, it's whether I can afford not to have it!"


  • Confidence in product inventory
  • regularity updated inventory
  • Fast shipping
  • Able to purchase from mobile
  • Able to submit product reviews

Pain Points

  • Poorly-written website copy
  • Too little choice of retro stuff
  • Lengthy checkout process
  • services that don't work on mobile
  • wants to be sure of small product details


  • Characterful copywriting
  • efficient checkout process
  • responsive website
  • Multiple/large product photos
  • Ability to submit reviews of products

Competitive Analysis

I looked at the current market for online lamp buying and I found two main things. (1) These sites don’t have specialized information on lamps (2) The lamps are usually super specific! 

Information Architecture  

I had users sort the products into categories using the card sorting method, but I learned rather quickly that the categories for a lot of the lamps could go in multiple categories or be labeled in a lot of different ways. So I did some reverse card sorting until I found categories that were universally understood.  From there I was able to create a site map and annotated wireframes for the microsite.

Anthro User Flows.png


The Results